About US
For the love of the game, is the belief of FORGAME Technology that will always stick to. FORGAME Technology was found in 2010 and emerged in 2012, for the first time FORGAME bringing the concept of ‘Gaming Case’ to the market, breaking the old situation of brands abandoned innovation, which triggered the first wave of DIY in China. In just three years, FORGAME has become one of the well-known brand in computer business, and has been sought after by gamers.
The core value of FORGAME is the enduring innovation. Thanks to the gamer background and the stalwart designers, FORGAME will continue launching favorite and award-winning products. Our super star designer always like to find inspiration from video games. Their enthusiasm for installation PCs is beyond imagination. The design capabilities of FORGAME are proud of and allow us to define ourselves as a research and development company, to promote manufacturing through R&D, and to lead the market through design. Our domestic and international design team are dedicated to creating the world's best e-sport products and making fans even more crazy.
FORGAME Guangzhou office set up the R&D Department, Marketing Department, Quality Control Department, Commercial Department, Domestic Sales Department, Global Sales Department, E-commerce Department, After-Sales Service Department, Sample Showroom, over 100 agents and distributors in China market. Have more than ten good partnership companies. We participate in COMPUTEX, Hong Kong Electronics Fair, Germany CEBIT Electronics Show, the United States CES and other international exhibitions every year; have been widely concerned by the media and game fans. FORGAME has developed into a globally known professional gaming equipment company through ten years of efforts.